AR/VR Game Popularity in Gaming World

Playing video games is no more a kid’s play. Every individual, irrespective of his/her age group, is spending more of their free time playing video games. They enjoy the surge of adrenaline that rush throughout their body framework, when they are immersed in a hard core action or vehicle race game. The advent of immersive technology and 3D effect created by Virtual and Augmented reality, transports them to a make-believe, computer generated virtual world, giving them a real life experience.

This gaming concept is slowly getting adapted into the smartphone handsets. Mobile app development companies are building VR and AR enabled games such as Pokemon GO to excite the user giving them a more immersed interaction with the virtual world. The users need simply to acquire the VR headset and a fitting mobile application to get started with the new experience.

Creating a new generation of more active users

These two concepts have gained huge popularity lately, pulling more and more users into the domain.

Helps kids to be more expressive and interactive

A recent study at the University of Washington found that virtual reality gaming could actually help “at risk” students. They can create their own virtual reality world where they have a better control over the make believe situations, they can emerge as winners thus giving them a sense of pride and ownership at the end of the play.

Better than reality

The game simulator transports you to an entirely different world much better than their actual life. They can emerge as heroes within the game. The graphical representations and 3D effect gives an awesome gaming experience.

The power of immersion

One of the greatest AR/VR advantages for game fans is the ability to take players right to the heart of the game’s storyline. Advanced tech-enabled gadgets and software solutions can immensely enhance user engagement with multiple interactive activities.

Shared gaming experience increases socialization

Pokemon Go is a typical example of AR in games. Here this game has benefited the society by bringing players together. This game requires you to emerge out of your homes and they start interacting with other players whom they might otherwise ignore. This factor has helped players with anxiety, depression, or autism etc.

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