Augmented Reality in your Business

AR presents a whole new world of possibilities for modern businesses. All enterprises share a common goal of getting clients and customers to use their service or purchase their product. To do this, companies must educate users about their products, engage meaningfully with potential clients and create lasting connections for future commerce. There are ways in which AR is already being implemented to further these goals and even more ways in which it has yet to be used.


Adaptation of AI Technology

Today, just a few years later, AI systems are embedded in many of the products that companies and consumers use regularly. We have adopted AI technology and integrated it into our daily lives.


Unparallel camera view

AR is the ability to insert digital objects into a camera view of the real world, based on information about the scene that is within the camera’s view. While Pokémon Go is the most commonly known consumer use of this kind of technology, far more sophisticated AR applications offer great promise for all types of applications.


Dreamerz Lab’s AR Applications

AR applications, such as Furniture Lab/ Auto Lab/ Electro Lab of Dreamerz Lab Ltd., include software that shows how furniture/cars/electronic devices etc. will look in a customer’s place. Prospective buyers can use a phone or tablet’s camera to see how their homes will look with a variety of different furniture pieces before they make a purchase decision. For industrial facilities, business owners can see how a new piece of equipment might fit into their workflow: The recent assembly or manufacturing process can also be visualized through the camera of a phone or tablet while the manager walks through the existing plant. AR, then, will result in a better understanding of how these products and solutions will benefit the manufacturing facility and increase companies’ propensity to buy. They’ll be able to see troubleshooting and maintenance instructions overlaid directly onto a physical product as they are working on it, resulting in shorter downtimes, improved productivity and deeper brand loyalty.

Clients are no longer asking how you will implement modern tech into their business experience, but when. The process is feasible, and it’s waiting for your enterprise to use it.


AR in daily leisure period

Snapchat is another example of how AR is benefitting business. The social media app is changing the AR game through its continually updating filter/lens effects. Whether you want to add a small dancing hotdog to the table in front of you or put dog ears on your selfie (which moves with your head), Snapchat’s use of AR creates a fun and imaginative environment for users.


AR exploration

What does all of this AR exploration mean? It means that businesses can benefit immensely from updating their technology to match current trends. Smartphones are practically an extra limb in today’s world, which makes them one of the best tools for reaching desired audiences.

To connect with your consumers, meaningfully and creatively, consider how AR can be used to give shape to their ideas. Whether it’s trying out new virtual hairstyles at a styling studio or presenting virtual plans for a building over a city skyline, the possibilities for integrating AR into your business are limitless.

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