Bangladesh Gaming Expo 2016

They were introducing Bangladesh gaming expo (BDGE-2016) the first-ever gaming expo held at Midas center (House No. 05, Road No. 27 (Old), Rd No. 27, Dhaka 1209) Dhaka on 06-07th December 2016 presented by Gamopot and organized by Dreamerz lab ltd. and Fusion Inc. Our gaming partner was Global Brand, headshot gaming lounge. Media partner was Ekattor TV; Print media partner was Bangla Tribune. Radio partner was ABC radio 89.2 FM.

The purpose of this event was to bring all the gaming community of Bangladesh under one roof for the very first time so that we can establish a bridge between gamers, game developers and game development companies where there were a lot of segments like gaming tournament, gaming zone where audience and participators playing old school gaming arcade machine, racing setup for racing game lovers, gaming project showcasing and workshop for indie developers and game development companies and music concerts. The pillar of that bridge is what we know today is Gamopot which is the first-ever social media for game lovers, game developers, game development companies, game enthusiastic. In short, any person or organization related to gaming where they call all play, compete, showcase their talent, learn, recruit, advertise and share their gaming experience.

Dreamerz lab ltd. arranged project showcasing for both game development companies and indie developers. The purpose of the showcasing is to motivate and inspire the indie developers by giving them a platform for free to showcase their talents and for the audience to learn something from the project showcasing.

GameSpot arranges gaming workshop on event days Washiyou Technology ltd took four workshops. Team71, Portbliss and Team Reboot, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

Virtual Reality is the latest hot topic in the world. With the help of virtual reality, we can experience games and apps like never before. It has changed the scenario of recent gaming and applications. There are various VR devices such as HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and recently PlayStation launched PlayStation VR.

We have also showcased our very own project called “Project Albratos” which is developed using HTC vive to draw attention to the audience and gamers. It’s a space explorer game where gamers can visit and explore different planets into our solar system. Its feel like so real that players will feel like they are actually in deep space exploring and experiencing different planet within our solar system. We wanted to show everyone with the power of VR; we can deliver some unique and great games as well as interactive app and simulation, which can change the whole experience as a user.

There are also several brands performed on that evening to deliver refreshment to the gamers, developer and viewers. Six bands performed for two days. The day one performer Owned, Poraho and day two performers were AvoidRafa, Conclusion, Echoes, and The Trips.


Presented By: GAMOPOT

Organized By: Dreamerz Lab Ltd. & Fusion Inc.




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