Puzzle Way


Puzzle Way’ is a Sliding Block Puzzle Game, with a twist. Here You do not have to match the whole puzzle, instead, you have to match the roads to complete it. Use Power-Ups to get help in tight situations. ‘Puzzle Way’ consists of 2 Game Modes. The first mode is the Campaign Mode: Solve Puzzle to Complete Each Division of Bangladesh and Unlock Next One. Though Look Out for your energy bar, You can’t play if you don’t have enough energy. Complete All Levels and Become The Ultimate Puzzler. The second mode is Time Trial Mode: It’s You vs Time. Solve the puzzle before the time runs out. Solve it and Share your incredible puzzle solving skills with your friends. So, Get Ready to experience A Journey through solving the puzzle. It’s your time to shine, It’s your time to become the ULTIMATE PUZZLER.




Puzzle Game


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