AR Anatomy


Anatomy education is traditionally performed by the dissection of cadavers. Students generally experience difficulties in learning human body anatomy due to constraints to visualize the body anatomy from 2D into 3D image. This research aims to develop a human anatomy learning system using augmented reality & virtual reality technology. How anatomy of the human body works, how it looks in real life, these kinds of things they want to learn by visualizing it. Sometimes the lab facilities were not that good for the students. So By using this technology, it is expected that students can easily understand the anatomy of the human body using a 3D image visualization.

This application enables students to learn human body anatomy with 3D object interaction while previously using textbook and mannequin. Medical students can also learn from cadaver surgery. However, these learning methods, especially using cadaver, could be costly while it is more challenging to use other media for visualizing the human anatomy. The main objective of this project is to provide users visual understanding of Human Anatomy in 3D, before they go for the practical simulation. Go through all kinds of human anatomy topics from one app.




Medical Institute


Augmented Reality app


Unity 3D, Unreal Engine

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