Remarkable Participation in Basis Soft Expo 2019

Dreamerz Lab goes about as an uber for the tech clients and maintenance services, as it interfaces clients with best-coordinated and most appropriate support administration experts from closest nearness. In this manner, guaranteeing quick reaction time, security, administration quality and value reasonableness. Dreamerz lab enables clients to complete the assignments which are earnest and fundamental with instruments and expert abilities. Dreamerz Lab sets certain security, quality, and operational norms for the current specialist organizations guaranteeing top quality administrations for its clients.

This year in Basis SoftExpo 2019, Dreamerz Lab Ltd. participated in displaying creative arrangement that gave individuals another involvement in a different dimension with Augmented reality and Virtual reality. All the members of our team worked unitedly and was successful in showcasing our products and services to the respective clients.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) helped the clients to experience and use our different products in their preferred way just with their fingertips.

Demonstration of our different products were provided to the clients by our Business Development Manager for their information and acknowledgement.

We concentrated on making progressively communitarian connections at national and universal dimensions on Japan Day in the SoftExpo. We welcomed and exchanged appointments from different nations to encounter the enormous possibilities of Bangladeshi ICT industry.

The application of our products were demonstrated to the visitors who works in different job sectors and spheres.

The spectators of the hall  got the privilege to experience our VR game for free. The game included an amazing view of the space and the planets of the solar system with a roller coaster experience in it. They played the game with the instructions provided (collect points, destroy enemy etc.) and won exciting prizes. They played the game with the instructions provided (collect points, destroy enemy etc.) and won exciting prizes.

We emphasized on the fact that augmented and virtual reality can boost the gaming sector in an innovative and improve user experience. We inspired them by gifting different prizes and provided opportunities to experience.

Along with AR/VR solutions, our AR/VR gaming created a great hype among the visitors. Kids along with the other generation were indulged themselves in excitement of playing such games.

ICT is the foundation of any computerized activity and it covers the immense territory of data innovation, correspondence innovation and the media transmission innovation. Dreamerz Lab’s participation in this SoftExpo was remarkable and it paved the way to fulfill our moto in creating a revolutionary change in the tech industry.

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