XR Community Bangladesh Meets SuperWorld

XR Community Bangladesh, XRCB in short is a platform for creating awareness and promoting the discourse on AR, VR & MR which falls under the umbrella of XR; also known as extended reality. The group aims to bring like minded people who are interested as well as to some extent experienced and hold expertise on the field. By doing so the group has set its sights on assessing the potential of XR as well as developing and expanding its applications in Bangladesh.

In order to realize their goals, the group hosted a series of webinars which were focused to discuss various aspects of the technology and its field. This initiative firstly focused on creating awareness among the masses regarding the subject matter by creating a discussion. Once that was achieved the webinars explored deeper within the field of XR in order to feed the curiosity of the masses and sustain their focus.

The initiative kicked off at the end of October 2020, when the pandemic ravaged the development of countless industries and everyone was looking for a potential and new field to emerge and lead the development. The group hosted a total of four webinars, which were moderated by Tanvir Hossain Khan, CEO & Managing Director of Dreamerz Lab Ltd. being an experienced individual who invested a fair share of his career in the field of XR and is among the pioneers pursuing this field. Each of the webinars were designed so that they can set the perfect context for the one that follows after it.

The intricate details of the subfields were wrapped in the first 3 webinars, now it was time to provide the audience a taste of the real world applications of XR field in its entirety. Which brought forth the fourth webinar welcoming Hrish Lotikar, Co-founder & CEO of SuperWorld. Prior to SuperWorld, he co-founded the Rogue Initiative Studios; a Hollywood based film, TV, gaming and immersive entertainment studio. He was also the founding Managing Partner of Eastlabs an early-stage VC fund based in Kyiv, Ukraine. His expertise encompassed the fields of AR/VR, Block chain, AI, Media & Entertainment and Venture Capital. Marking the beginning of a new decade, the webinar took place on 31st January, 2021. 

The webinar discussed the entrepreneurial journey of Hrish Lotlikar. He explained what SuperWorld is and how it works. He mentioned that it is basically an augmented reality (AR) virtual world which is geographically mapped onto the real world allowing users to create, discover and monetize AR content. SuperWorld’s AR real estate platform (Superworldapp.com) allows users to buy virtual plots of land anywhere in the world, share in revenue generated by users and become a key stakeholder on our platform. SuperWorld’s mobile application allows users and brands to personalize the real world by adding anything anywhere in augmented reality with interactive 3D objects, photos, videos, audio, and texts, and share the AR experience with their followers. Hrish also shared that they are currently launched as a prototype on iPhone and Android phones. This allowed the aspiring youth among the audience to gain inspiration as well as extremely valuable insights to help them with their ventures going forward in their career. The latter half of the webinar discussed the future of Augmented Reality and how the young generation can take this to another level. 

Throughout these webinars, the XR Community Bangladesh has been aiming to create awareness followed by empowerment through imparting in-depth knowledge about the fields. And finally to wrap up the entire learning experience, a thorough idea about the entire field and what it means to develop a career in this field was provided. With back to back industry leading speakers promoting the discourse over the cutting edge industry of XR, as well as showing the aspiring developers around the intricacies of the field; the webinars have gone beyond effective and has had a momentous impact on revolutionizing the XR industry in its entirety. With the fresh success on hand, XRCB aims to organize more such development oriented initiatives that would allow them to carry onwards with their goal to develop the XR field in Bangladesh.

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