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Virtual tour of BASIS

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a digital representation of a location, typically used on websites to give visitors an interactive and immersive experience. It allows businesses to showcase their products, services or properties in an interactive way that grab customers interest. Our virtual tours can be explore through any mobile, tablet and PC. Users can look around using a mouse or a keyboard on a PC or by swiping your fingers on a smartphone or tablet screen. It is also called digital twin, which means a digital copy of any physical object using real-time-data simulation and machine learning to visualize the virtual reality.

In todays business, virtual tour or a 360 view walkthrough has great impact. Industries rapidly adopting virtual tour for reaching client globally like real estate, automotive, tourism, education, healthcare etc. and using virtual tour as their branding tool.

Virtual Tour
Use Cases

Use Cases

  • Using virtual tours for branding and marketing efforts
  • Creating immersive experiences in the metaverse (virtual reality)
  • Using virtual tours for training and learning purposes
  • Utilizing virtual tours for facility management purposes
  • Implementing virtual tours for online shopping experiences
  • Using virtual tours for planning and design purposes

Value proposition

With more businesses going online, it has become a must to utilize every digital marketing strategy possible to improve online presence, which consequently increases sales. Virtual tours becoming popular in many industries due to -


  • 55% Increase in online engagement
  • 74% more faster to make decision
  • 5-10 times longer website session
  • Saves time and costs of multiple visits
  • Unlimited product variety
Value proposition


  • 3D environment
  • Detail Information
  • Quick Navigation
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Measure Distance
  • Explore Available Options

Additional Features

  • 3D Product Configuration
  • Virtual Tour Assistance
  • Book Reservation
  • V-Commerce
  • Ticket Purchase
  • User Analytics
  • Avatar Creation
Additional Features

technologies we use

  • Matterport

  • // Matterport
  • 3D Vista

  • // 3D Vista
  • WebGL

  • // WebGL

Virtual Tour Solution