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Armenian Church


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About Armenian Church

It was one of the many exciting projects we complete. There is nothing nobler than preserving an antique from being lost to the passage of time. Armenian Church is one of the historically significant architectural monuments in Dhaka city. The church was built in 1781 by Armenian Orthodox communities. Every year thousands of tourists travel to this historical place to know the existence of a significant Armenian community in the region between the 17th and 18th centuries. The church is 750 feet (230 m) in length. It is two storied. It has 4 doors, and 27 windows, all of them arched. The building plan has a main section where all the prayer activities take place and two rectangular wings on either side. The main floor is divided into three parts: a pulpit enclosed by railings, a middle section with two folding doors, and an area separated by a wooden fence for seating. Entrance into the church occurs through these two rectangular wings, which are also veranda spaces. There is a spiral starstaircaseecase into the second floor of the church. For the rectangle end on the main section there are three doors on the ground door and first floor, where it turned into a balcony with a railing. The rectangular wings of the church turned into terrace spaces on the first floor. Besides this, there was a watchhouse built by Johans Paru Piyete Sarkis. The watch house was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897. There is a square tower on the church with a "shonkhonil" (a special type of minar used in India to show respect) minar on top of it. The aisle of the church is 14 feet wide. There are some beautiful paintings in the church, by the artist Charles Port. There is a room behind the pulpit used for baptism, with a 3-foot-deep marble baptismal font. Our technical team captured 3D images of 2,000 square feet of land and generated an immersive view through post-processing.


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